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Best Place To Get Dental Implants

We treat all patients with respect and gentleness and provide them with personalized attention and care. Our specialist is specially trained to treat patients who require dental implants.

We are rated as #1 for the children's dentistry of Northampton

We treat our young patients with respect and a smile, and We have dentists specializing in pediatric dentistry, so our procedures are very safe, and our long-term results are gratifying.

A2Z Dental Group, An Affordable local Emergency dentists

When it comes to emergency dentistry, you will find that we have all the necessary equipment to help you when the time comes for emergency treatment.

Who We Are

An Affordable Dentists in Northampton, MA

A2Z Dental is a highly regarded dental clinic in Northampton. Where you can receive primary care and therapeutic services for teeth care. You can also be given dental implants or carry out any cosmetic dentistry procedure to enhance the appearance of your smile. We offer emergency care and patient education so that you know your dentist and the services that we are offering.

The services you receive in A2Z Dental are usually offered at affordable prices. You can even get discounts on cosmetic dentistry procedures like in-office laser whitening, veneers, porcelain veneers, and orthodontics. The staff members at our clinic are amiable, and they make you feel at ease by explaining the procedures in layman’s terms.

You can also get information about specific procedures from the brochures provided to you when you visit the clinic. You can schedule an appointment with us to discuss all aspects of your oral health care including the services offered and the costs of those services.
Dental services are generally covered by insurance, so you may not need to make payment upfront. If you have any pre-existing conditions, it is best to let us know about those, as well. You can also ask us about any dentistry services that are not offered.

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Our Services

What We Serve

Cleaning & Prevention

We are focusing to prevent highest quality of oral health and preserve your dental problems and keep your smile healthy.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry contains brighten stained teeth or discolored teeth or any other problems solve their problem.

Dental Implant

A dental implant is a surgical fixture that is placed into the jawbone and allowed to fuse with the bone over the span of a few months.

Family Dentistry

We care about your family and our Globus Dental Care Centre will prevent your family smile stay healthy and beautiful!

Oral Appliances

Oral appliances offer simple, non-invasive care for a variety of conditions. Oral Appliance is a simple and non-invasive.

Extraction & Preservation

Wisdom teeth, extra teeth, or very crowded teeth present situations that may mean treatment involving removal.

Root Canal

A root canal is a dental procedure involving the removal of the soft center of the tooth, the pulp.


Invisalign treatment is the clear alternative to metal braces for kids, teens, and adults. We are a trained orthodontist near you.

Crown & Bridges

Crowns and bridges are a fixed solution to missing or damaged teeth to return your smile to its natural state.

Dentist in Chicopee MA

A2Z Dental group has educated, trusted and well skilled Northampton dentists

Dental care is an essential aspect of life, and when you visit our clinic in Northampton, MA, you can rest assured that your teeth will be taken care of professionally and that they will be in good shape. When you first meet with our Dentist he or she may ask you several questions about your oral health – including your family medical history, whether you smoke, if you take any medications, if you are under any stress, etc. Our Dentist also checks for signs of oral cancer of the gum (caries), teeth, or gums (periodontal disease). We offer a wide range of services, including dental implants, preventative care, cosmetic dentistry, tooth replacement, tooth extraction, preservation, and many more. If you have a problematic teeth condition you can also approach us for emergency care, root canal treatment, gum lift and cosmetic treatments.

Sweet Dental Experience

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We are equipped with Modern Facilities for Dental Implant surgery

Dental Implant is an artificial titanium screw implanted into your jawbone to replace missing teeth. The procedure is painless and can be done in just minutes. We have one of the most modern and advanced dental implant equipment. The procedure for dental implants in our clinic can be completed quickly and with minimal discomfort for all ages, from young children to older people.

Dental implants can give patients permanent tooth-like replacement teeth. When a patient undergoes Dental Implant surgery in our clinic, Our dentist will explain the whole procedure to the patient before the implant is placed into the jaw bone. The new teeth will look and feel like natural teeth, and the patient will not need to remove them for brushing and flossing.

Dental implant procedures can be performed on patients with an excellent dental history, although more advanced procedures require more extensive dental checkups. Our Dental Implant service can help patients avoid the embarrassment and stress of missing a tooth, which can happen due to an accident or natural decay.

Dental Implant Clinic in Chicopee MA
Certificate Of Excellence

Certification we are certified with

Children's Dentist Chicopee ma

Children's Emergency Dentist serving in Northampton, MA

We offer a wide range of services to patients who need care right away. Some of the services we offered are children’s dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, adult dentistry, emergency dentistry, and emergency dental implants.

We provide quality care to our patients. Our staff ensures that every patient has received personalized attention by taking special notes of x-rays and ensuring that every patient is examined thoroughly before receiving treatment. It ensures that our clinic is giving the best dental services to each individual.

In addition to the regular appointments, Our Emergency Specialists for children’s dentistry also offer weekend clinics. They work with parents to schedule time on the weekends to receive treatment without having to worry about missing any appointments. It helps parents relax and knows that they are working with someone reliable when emergencies arise. If you’re not sure how to get started, it is best to call and speak with someone at the clinic to find more information.

Our Dedicated Team
At A2Z Dental Group, we are prepared to provide safe ongoing dental care in our community around Western Massachusetts and Connecticut. We have taken proactive steps to ensure patients and staff have a safe, clean environment for all their dental needs.

Dr. Abbas Khan


Dr. Zainab Khan

Clinical Director/Co-Founder

Dr. Nayaki Gaddipati


The Benefits for considering our emergency dentistry services in Northampton, MA

Many dental emergencies occur during the night, when you may be sleeping off or catch up on sleep. Dental emergencies can arise from a simple toothache to a significant dental surgery requiring emergency surgery. We can handle all types of emergencies and offer emergency services, including cosmetic dentistry, orthodontic dentistry, and periodontics, from routine procedures to major dental surgery. We are committed to providing patient care with a personal approach.

The benefit of choosing us as your emergency Dentist in Northampton, MA, is that we can make it done right away. Once the process begins, Our dentist will numb the area and make an impression of your mouth to see what caused the pain. Based on that information, We will assess the extent of the problem and decide on the best treatment method. This type of procedure takes just minutes, and most people do not feel any pain during the process. Suppose there is any pain associated with the procedure. In that case, you can call for pain medication from the emergency room, and most people can continue their daily routine without any problems. You can get immediate pain relief. Most people find that they feel much better after we have done the procedure. It is important to note that this will depend on the specific nature of the pain and how severe it is.

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